Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NABA~ Painting & Visual Arts...

Whilst at NABA I will be studying a semester on the Painting & Visual Arts programme.
Although at first I though the course seemed to have more of a Fine Art pathway, when I read the prospectus I realised that there was a lot of time based practices integrated into the course. The subjects that especially interested me were: Video Art, Analysis & Design of Audio Spaces, Sculpture, Aesthetics, Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy.
The reason I specifically wanted to exchange with NABA was because they as an Arts Institution encourage the practice of Public Art and bring awareness to working with spaces as an artist. I feel that these are two very important aspects of art making, both being able to reach out to your local community and to re-define a space/ environment through the presence of your work…
I am very much looking forward to my experience at NABA and discovering myself as an artist within a new city ~ I believe that the programme will be have a very interdisciplinary and open-minded approach, which will help me to integrate within Milan’s artistic culture.

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