Monday, February 7, 2011

Performance Art in Milano...

O 'presents Matter of Action - third round of the cycleINTERMEDIATE review of other artist's media - by Giorgio Maffei,Sara and Samuel Menin Serighelli.

The performance, happenings, body art, the poetry action, action,acts by their nature are ephemeral art that will last a short time of their ritual performance. This exhibition tries to stop time and try totell the sequence of actions through those means of expressioncapable of performing at the event to give body and life,photography, record, video, book. Through a development thatmay be disturbing, it provokes and urges the visitor to go beyond a certain habit of looking in favor of a more active participation, it is suggested that perceptually meaningful than sharing the contentsof the materiel in the exhibition.

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